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 LC930 is a high performance embedded WiFi module with low cost and low power consumption. It adopts integrated single chip Qualcomm AR9331 with WiFi wireless SOC solution. LC930 internal integrated CPU, WiFi baseband and PA, making module much smaller. LC930 has many function interfaces such as serial ports, SPI master device, WAN/LAN port, USB port, I2S interface, GPIO port, etc., making LC930 can be widely used in wireless data transmission, multimedia audio and video transmission, wireless data storage and so on. 

LC930 is a new function WiFi core module based on qualcomm Atheros ARA9331 chip, 8 MB Flash, 64 MB of DDR2. It complies with the IEEE802.11n, 1T1R up to 150 MBPS, has aUSB2.0 port, a high speed UART serial port, multiple GPIO interfaces, 1 WAN + 4 LAN 10/100 Mbps interface, convenient for users to extend flexibly peripheral interface board, can be widely used in all kinds of home, business, industrial embedded wireless products.

★  wireless WiFi speaker, wireless WiFi storage
★  smart home, intelligent socket, industrial control
★  transmit 3G to WiFi,, router