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LC329 is a wireless video transmission module based on WiFi which is customized developed for industrial infrared camera. It adopts industrial image processing chip imported from USA to keep image clear and color restoration. LC329 supports the video signal of NTSC&PAL, can complete transfer 720 x480@30 frames and 720 x576@25 frames. And this module uses a variety of top video processing algorithms such as: 3D deinterlacing, 
3D denoising and filtering, H.264 coding and so on.

LC329 also provides extended ports like GPIO and industrial serial port to communicate with other device.Withcustomized client software developed for android or ios devices, the client can browse images, screenshot, store video, sending and receiving control signals, etc.

The advantages of our WIFI video transmission modules:

★  module start quickly, cold starting only need about 5 seconds

★  The most advanced 3D deinterlacing and 3D denoising image processing algorithm

★  H.264 image compression technology, lower code rate, smoother image , better transmission efficiency

★  Lower system power consumption, can be battery power supply. 5-16V wide voltage input  

★  Use industrial-grade wi-fi chips, keep high performance under the poor working environment such as high and low temperature

 ★  Use high quality of front-end video capture chip, not only can be compatible with a variety of formats AV video cameras, but also can keep the image quality and image original bright colors

 ★  Perfectly keep the size of a standard D1 image transmission. NTSC: 720 x480  PAL: 720 x576

★  programmable OSD menu, can superimpose characters for on video for clients

★  Provide a variety of communication interfaces: PWM, serial port, GPIO, reset, etc., can easily cooperate with other modules 


★ Transmit traditional 2.4G analog camera video to network stream

★ Remote control sport DV

★ Transmit traditional TV signal to WiFi

★ Transmit 5.8G high power aerial photo to WiFi

★ WiFI visual parking car