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 Music802 is a new generation of open-source wireless WiFi speaker module. It is an open source, low-cost and low power consumption development module based on OpenWRT and can be developed in Linux embedded WiFi speaker module. The Music802 uses the QUALCOMM AR9331 single-chip WIFI wireless SOC solution with 64MB of RAM and 16MB of Flash, and multiple interfaces including SPDIF / Headphone / Audio / GPIOs / USB / WAN / LAN.

    Music802 is an open source WiFi speaker module, will provide a full set of hardware design, including SCH, PCB and BOM alone; provide complete software code, including BOOT LOADER, OS (OpenWRT) and application routines to facilitate secondary development, Shorten product development time.


    Music802 for wireless multimedia audio and video areas, it will be high-quality wireless audio streaming from a variety of intelligent devices to the speaker equipment, wireless audio recorder, low-cost voice toys and digital audio broadcasting. But also can be used for wireless data transmission, wireless data storage such as wireless U disk, remote repeaters and other applications.