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Product introduction:

LCC260 is a high-definition HDMI audio and video capture and H.264 encoding integrated card. The HDMI video input of LCC260 complies with V1.4a standard and supports up to 1920x1080p@60fps.

       LCC260 encodes the collected HDMI video signals into MJPEG and H.264 via an internal high-efficiency hardware encoder, and transmit them to the host through USB. Because the LCC260 integrates an internal hardware encoder, the host CPU occupancy rate is significantly reduced. The audio and video data are encoded to excellent video signal with litter amount of data, which is very suitable for network transmission and storage.

       The LCC260 output is USB2.0 interface, multi platform, free driver, plug and play. LCC260 is small, light and easy to use, which make the LCC260 can run on lower performance equipment which ensures LCC260 have more widely uses and better applicability.

       In addition, the video stream transmission protocol, both of MJPEG and H.264, conform to the UVC standard, while the audio stream transmission protocol conforms to the UAC standard, allowing LCC260 to run on operating system devices such as Windows/Linux/Mac/Android without driver.

LCC260 specially optimizes compatibility for Android systems, enabling it be compatible with more Android-based mobile phones, tablets, and professional terminals.

Detailed parameters:

●  Input interface: support HDMI 1.4A protocol function, Type A connector;

●   Maximum video resolution: 1920x1080@60fps; (YUV/RGB format for image input, PCM format for audio input only)

●   support 2 channels encoded stream output simultaneously: 1 MJPEG + 1 H.264;

●  MJPEG maximum output resolution: 720x576@30fps;

●   H.264 maximum output resolution: 1920x1080@30fps;

●   Output interface: Micro USB 2.0;

●   Video output protocol: UVC (no drive);

●   Audio output protocol: UAC (no drive);

●   Support system: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android;

●  LED indicates the working status of the equipment;

●   Ultra small volume: 73 x 42 x 14 mm